Wellington Terroir

The Wellington wine region in South Africa is home to 80% of the vine nurseries that supply the South African wine industry with grafted, phylloxera-resistant rootstock. Our very own tagline, ‘Wellington Wines – where wines are born’ celebrates the very soil that grow and nurture the industry’s and our own vines.

Our history dates back to 1906, 1907 and 1941 when Wellington Co-operative Winery, Bovlei Co-operative and Wamakersvalley Wines were founded respectively. The accomplishments of each winery, together with a passion for wine and shared interest in enriching the Wellington Wine industry, led to the three wine giants combing forces, merging in recent years to form Wellington Wines.

Combining the knowledge and passion over the years, Wellington Wines truly became a wine producer of outstanding characteristics, implementing innovative methods to ensure our region is experienced with every sip.

Today we continue to build on the legacy and vision of our founders in creating wines of excellence.

Our 56 member farmers across Wellington and neighbouring areas of the Swartland, Riebeek, Hermon and Paarl areas, work closely with our winemakers and viticulturists to ensure only the best grapes are grown and hand-selected for their outstanding quality.

Our ranges all carry the trademark of true quality, inspired by the people, the terroir and the rich history of our valley. We are a proud supplier of leading retailer’s private labels and buyers own brands for more than 10 years and pride ourselves in the consistent quality we produce at the cellar.